:  At Gwandgei, we educate the young girls to adopt and create positive sexual behaviour at adolescent .We believe that when a girl child is aware of the sexuality of her body, it stands as a guide to her life.  The rural girls are prone to these sexual predictors’ than their urban counterparts due to the high level of illiteracy and poverty in the villages. Rural children must therefore be protected from sexual predictors’ and harms.

 EMPOWERMENT: We empower  women and the girl child by impacting necessary skills that will make them independent. The organization believes that when women are empowered then they can truly contribute to their household's income and decision-making, on issues of food, goods, property, children's education, healthcare and debt management.


 DONATIONS:  We are engaged in donating books and other instructional materials to promote a good reading culture among rural pupils. In order to promote good reading culture among pupils in the rural areas, the organizations work with interested families in the urban areas who donate used books and other instructional material as a support for this course.

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